Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some useful advice on how to be a muslim reformer

In response to the Wafa Sultan masquerade, Eerie of 'Aqoul has published a very interesting post on How to be a Muslim reformer. Have a look, it's quite entertaining! I highly recommend it. ;-)

P.S. I have been reading 'Aqoul a lot lately, and I must confess that I am starting to like it. I think you will see me linking to it a lot in the future. :))))))))


slix said...

thanks Karim for the link...

Really I understand the muslim "reformer" ;)...

Karim said...

You're quite welcome, Slimane.

Interesting, isn't it ? If you want to become rich and famous, then you know what you need to do ;-)

slix said...

lol you're know our identity is priceless...but I'm not ready to sell it ;)

lili said...

vrmt très drôle :) ca ressemble à comment devenir riche et beau en 7 jours :P.. Il a fé un très bon résumé de la chose.. A++++++

BV said...

c wafae sultan,non?
Hala,c la vieille actrice egyptienne,non?

Karim said...


Hala,c la vieille actrice egyptienne,non?

Lol, desole BV, mais je ne suis pas tres bon avec les noms propres... i tend to mess them up :-(

Anyways, you're right: i meant wafa sultan, not hala sultan...

Thanks for the correction. ;-)

BV said...

LOL it's ok. That sentence was not very nice "la vieille actrice". Personnellement,je l'aime bien,cette actrice. It was mean to talk this way.

Sinon,keske vous pensez du site de DR. Sultan, Annaqed?
If you had a question to ask Dr. Sultan,what would it be guys?

Karim said...


If you had a question to ask Dr. Sultan,what would it be guys?

Lol, I would ask her how much cash she collected since she engaged in the lucrative business of Islam bashing... :)

Now here is a brainy question! This was supposed to be a light post (did you have a chance to go through the 'Aqoul post ? :))) Go read it if you haven't done so already).

You know what ? I am not in the business of asking questions. That's your job ;) Thank God, I am only an observer :))) I content myself with looking from afar at what's going on, and joting down a few comments from time to time.

Now, if you insist, and want absolutely to know, I would say the following. I think that interviewing superficial and dishonest people like Wafa Sultan requires a combination of skill and hard work. As a first step, I would study her discourse very carefully, record some of her most preposterous comments on Islam and islamic teachings. Then, I would seek sharp arguments countering her divagations from scholarly works on Islam, preferably by fair-minded non-muslim scholars (from which I can allow myself to quote freely without fearing of being accused of islamic bias). Based on this, I would prepare a list of carefully worded questions, and another list with the answers I expect from her, plus some follow-up questions. I would make sure to have enough ammunition, by which I mean carefully chosen supporting quotes from western "authorities" in the field, so as to be able to confront her ravings and expose her dark intentions. :)))))

Would that be enough for an answer ? Pleaaase BV, this was meant to be a light post, a no-brainer!!!!

Regarding the blog, i need to have a careful look at it before i can say what i think of it.

BV said...

Yes, I read the 'Aqoul post. I didn't find it that great. The only response qui s'appuyait sur de vrais arguments que j'ai trouvee sur le net etait celle d'un certain "bah",un egyptien-Americain comme on souhaiterait en avoir d'autres (I still have the URL if you're interested).
Thanks for your advice on how to prepare the interview. I think I've done my homework correctly. Notice that your answer to my question was only in the 5th paragraph of your comment :-) tu laisses tjr le meilleur pour la fin? Oh and..dommage. A la fin,il n'y avait meme pas une idee de question :-)

PS/ There's no such a thing as being ONLYan observer

Karim said...

Oh la la, BV! Le billet sur 'Aqoul, c'etait un ecrit sarcastique dont le but etait de tourner en derision ces reformateurs auto-proclames de l'Islam. En donnant le lien a ce billet, j'ai voulu donner aux lecteurs de ce blog une pause detente. Si j'avais voulu repondre a la dame, je n'aurais certainement pas fait reference a ce billet, mais j'aurais regarde ailleurs.

There's no such a thing as being ONLY an observer

I am afraid you're giving me a lot of credit, which I don't really deserve. :-)

Anyways, since you've challenged me... (lol), i'll see if i can write something on this lady... Hopefully i'll be able to find some time for that in the near future. :-)

BV said...

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de m'expliquer que Aqoul "etait un ecrit sarcastique dont le but etait de tourner en derision ces reformateurs auto-proclames de l'Islam". J'avais pas compris ca en le lisant :-)
lol sais bien que c'etait une pause detente.bref..

I'm not giving you credit by saying "there's no such a thing as being only an observer".I'm only saying that in everything we do,even by just communicating an info,we can have an influence,push people to think,understand,disagree,support,etc.
To me,being an arab observer,it's first of all providing an area for constructive debate,interesting articles,links and books,etc. Things to make us better. And I visit your blog regularly for that "dose" of constructive stuff.

I was not challenging you to write anything on that lady. Or you get challenged very quickly :-)
All I asked for was a question that you'd ask her...but anyway.


Karim said...

Salam BV,

All I asked for was a question that you'd ask her...

To ask an intelligent question is not always easy, especially if we are talking about asking a bigot who deliberately wants to deceive their audience, and that is why i talked about "challenge".

Now, from what i have seen on the infamous aljazeera show, this Wafa Sultan mixes some truth with a lot of falsehood, which makes it really hard to have any constructive dialogue with her (although I thought that the egyptian scholar did a decent job overall in answering some of her allegations, given his kind of background). One simple question that I may want to ask her is as follows:

If Islam is the backward, medieval religion that you are talking about, which has only been propagated by the sword, then how is it that the largest muslim country in the world today (Indonesia) has been brought to Islam by muslim merchants without a single drop of blood being shed ? More importantly, how is it that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America today, with thousands of white americans converting to Islam (despite the anti-Islam propaganda) every year in this country ?

Karim said...

BTW: BV, I am interested in the URL you mentioned in a previous comment. Could you please provide us with it? Thanks!

Blue Velvet said...

Sbah el khir everybody,
Karim,thanks for your two questions! I particularly like the one about Islam being the fastest-growing religion for White and Latino people (I did a piece on Latinos converting to Islam).

As for the link I told you about,you can find "Bah"'s answer at this address

You'll tell me what you think about his answers..

Yallah that's it for now,take care guys!

Karim said...


Not bad at all, what Bah wrote! At a couple places, I found him not to be very accurate, but overall I think that he did a very good job.

BTW: the biased translation of Memri has been noticed by the 'Aqoul people too. In their blog, they offered a more accurate english translation of the interview. See also their entry here for a follow up discussion on Memri coverage of the arab world. Enjoy!

BV said...

Merci :)

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