Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New special test for Muslims seeking citizenship

Magnificent! At the outset of 2006, we are told that the German state Baden-Wuerttemberg is setting up a test for Muslims seeking citizenship. For Muslims. That weird special human species, you know...

A new handbook containing 30 questions will ask "those Muslims" on such issues as equality between men and women, 9-11, democracy, etc. Are these guys expecting a would-be terrorist answering that he was cheering after 9-11?

The questions will be posed "to applicants from the 57 nations in the Islamic Conference Organization (ICO)." So, they are seemingly thinking that Islam comes only from the ICO. That’s brilliant! How about French Muslims, American Muslims, south American Muslims, etc. This test, I think, will turn out to be useless and non-sense, and if anything, it will only worsen the situation of Muslims living in Germany and increase the stereotypes about Muslims in general.