Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A wahabi's fatwa about the shia

One more time, wahabism has shown the ugliness of its obsessive hatred for shia and shiism. Ibn Othaymin, a leading saudi cleric, has issued a rabid fatwa, condemning the Hezbollah on the grounds that it is formed by "heretics", who "work for the destruction of the true Islam", a.k.a. of sunnism. This is the same sheikh who, in the 1990's, had decreed that the shia should be driven out of the arabian peninsula. Excrepts from the heinous fatwa can be found here, and reactions to it can be found here and here (note that not all wahabis are as retarded as Ibn Othaymin - Salman al-Audeh, another leading wahabi cleric, who has his own record as a rather virulent shia basher, has publicly expressed disagreement with issuing such a fatwa at this particular moment).